we asked

our Pitmasters

What excites them about pitmaster?

Ido Levy


At the beginning of every feast, couples and groups start out as strangers, shy and withdrawn at the table, and at the end of the feast they leave as friends, some of them for life.

Dorian Copitt


when I see people relishing food that they never thought to taste... We have many first-time cases: first time trying lamb, first time trying medium-cooked meat, or even first time eating smoked meat.

Matan Zafrir


when I walk between the people visiting the restaurant during a break or at the end of the evening among the diners, who tell me how much they enjoyed themselves and see them make a reservation for the next time.

Ofer Wolffheim


when I pass between customers, see familiar faces, and hear stories about the surprise and admiration that we have innovated again, exceeded all expectations, and once again raised the bar of ourselves.

Kfir Goldhamer


Before the show begins, all the people are waiting outside anxiously, and then a second before they enter, after a briefing and applause, all this excitement erupts into the feast.

Aviad Itzhaki


when people who seemed calm at the beginning of the feast, during the break, and after the break get on the chairs or fill the restaurant with crazy dances.